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Building Automation & Controls

When it comes to ease of operation and innovation, no other company or energy management system product comes close to Logical Solutions Inc or Automated Logic. With more than two decades of designing and installing systems built on Automated Logic infrastructure, we can provide quality, convenience and ease of use in one simple package, ultimately putting control back in the hands of the end user. LSI uses Automated Logic systems to create customized solutions for HVAC, lighting, central plant and critical processes to simultaneously provide the highest level of workplace comfort and essential energy savings.

First, Automated Logic’s EIKON® graphical programming tool eliminates line-by-line programming which is still used by many systems today. It elevates the standard for design, performance and reliability for the sequences that matter most. When combined with WebCTRL®, the most technically advanced software interface for streamlining energy management, users can control their facilities effectively, efficiently, and from just about any device or browser.

What’s more, Automated Logic and Control Service Company use open, non-proprietary systems and open standards because they’re efficient, flexible and cost effective. Automated Logic’s native-BACnet® open architecture is compatible with customers’ existing IT infrastructure and provides superior flexibility, security and performance to address any size application from a single building site to multi-building campuses in multiple locations.

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